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Experience great power and convenience, along with a comfortable hitch system
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Experience great power and convenience, as well as a comfortable, convenient and most intuitive attachment system with the best snowboard boot and a binding system equipped with the system BOA® adjustment.

The Photon Step On BOA® snowboard boots for men provide the best possible performance thanks to the quick and micro-adjustable BOA® adjustment system with Coiler ™ technology. They feature the Boa's Sequence ™ configuration for even tightening and firm heel support with the turn of a button. The boots are designed specifically for the men's Burton Step On® bindings, allowing them to be put on and taken off super fast and have perfect control of your board with an incredibly easy system. Just use the BOA® knobs to adjust the boot, then place your foot on the binding, and you're good to go.


    The BOA® Adjustment System uses an internal winder to adjust the laces, allowing a snug and easy fit with the turn of a button, New England laces use fibers made in the USA and are virtually indestructible, will not bend and are easy to lace up


  • Step On® rear reinforcement connects to the heel with the strapless boot-binding attachment system providing unmatched convenience and performance, Firm flex 1: 1 PowerUp tongue creates a snug fit between it and the boot , eliminating the need to readjust when descending, The Snugger strap allows the rider to adjust heel retention and front directional stiffness


  • Total Comfort construction provides an instant break-in feel from the first use, eliminating the break-in period, Snow-proof internal gusset completely seals the bottom area of ​​the boot, keeping feet warm and comfortable. dry


  • The Focus edging improves heel support by tightening the ankle and rising slightly higher for increased responsiveness, The Imprint 3 liner features a hook-and-loop closure system and internal lace-up for a snug fit, as well as padded panels. '' light feed for better reactivity


  • Reflective, sleeping bag-style aluminum underfoot reflects heat back to the foot, improving warmth and comfort in cold conditions, ReBounce places cushioning closer to the foot, inside the boot shell, for added impact protection directly under your foot.


  • The Step On® outsole features crampons in the forefoot to hold the binding in place, The EST®-optimized midsole lowers your center of gravity and improves the feel of the board without sacrificing comfort, reduced footbed reduces the overall footprint of the boot, and your feet will never have felt so good


  • 1 year warranty